The Best Earbuds I Have Ever Owned: BOSE SoundSport

soundsport_apple_375x240I am currently seated at the very noisy Chicago O’Hare Airport. The sounds around me are borderline overwhelming… A businessman at the gate yells about being bumped from his flight. The intercom blasts “last call for Toronto” and something about lost baggage. A baby cries and an elderly couple debate about where to sit.

There are more distractions during travel than there are at Disney World. Despite the noise, however, I have remained focused and tranquil since I arrived, because I wear headphones. Don’t we all? I’ve remained focused on work email, incoming phone calls, and even for a small chunk of time a TED Talk podcast, Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Traveling or not, most of us spend hours each day wearing earbuds or headphones: at work, on a jog, at the gym, over lunch break, on the train, and in the car. We are often plugged in and consuming music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and videos.

For all of this time spent, why not do it right? I advise an upgrade from the standard Apple earbuds that came with your iPhone or the $15 buds you bought at Target. A friend of mine once reasoned about buying a pair of $100 jeans: “I’ll wear them every single day, so I want to spend a little more.”

The same concept is true for earbuds, and my recommendation is The BOSE SoundSport in-ear headphones. They are more comfortable than most, if not all, other earbuds. They have a silicon ear piece that fits in the Tringular fossa part of the ear, unlike normal buds that only fit into the Concha and can loosen or fall out. (No, I am not an ear expert. I just looked at this photo of an ear).  Also, these earbuds have the microphone, play/pause button, and volume buttons, all very easily accessible about six inches down from the right ear. Not unique to headphones, I know, but I’m just getting started.

Many multitaskers (like myself and yourself) use the Apple earbuds or the cheapest thing we could find at Best Buy. I did this for a long time, bouncing from pair to pair when they short out or fall apart. However, after owning the BOSE earbuds, I will not be going back to the less superb buds. Here is why.

First, the Apple earbuds slip out of your ears or become oily over time. The BOSE buds don’t slip. I have worn them running sprints in 90-degree weather and also sitting at my desk for hours at a time.

Second, the sound quality of Apple buds are OK, but nothing to write home about. The BOSE sound quality is superb and the silicon earpiece has a funnel that pushes sound more directly into the ear.

Third, and most importantly, the microphone’s sound quality on all other earbuds provide a lot of background noise and static. With BOSE earbuds, the person on the other line will not even know you are using a “headset.”

Lastly, the product is manufactured with quality, and won’t short out after a few months of use.

The BOSE earbuds changed my life, and my multitasking abilities, especially during travel. I recommend them for you, or anyone who wants to:

  • Move around or exercise without the earbuds falling out of your ears
  • Listen to audio with excellent sound quality
  • Be more productive and use your hands while you listen or talk on the phone (I am great at cooking and folding laundry while I talk)
  • Drive safer and travel easier without the person on the other end of the phone hearing a lot of back-noise
  • Not have to replace your earbuds in a few months

Do it. Make the investment. You will thank me later!

(I do not receive any compensation from the product link above. Just a big fan and want to share the knowledge).


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